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The lawyers at KMB are committed to providing diligent and competitive representation to assist companies and individuals in navigating a wide variety of construction problems. Typical clients include property owners, subcontractors, residential builders, general contractors, design professionals, and material suppliers.
Some of the areas in which KMB assists its clients are:
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Mechanics Liens:

The mechanic’s lien is a valuable tool for getting a construction company paid – even in those circumstances where it may not have a contract with the owner of the property. Mark Koontz files mechanic’s liens to secure payment for subcontractors and material suppliers when they are having difficulty getting paid. The South Carolina Supreme Court has long held the general rule that a mechanic’s lien is a purely statutory creation, and that the requirements of the statutory scheme must be strictly adhered to. The attorneys at KMB have decades of experience in properly preparing, filing, and serving liens that comply with South Carolina’s legal requirements. Mark assists subcontractors and other construction licensees with mechanic’s liens and other construction litigation needs, such as subcontract preparation and negotiation, throughout South Carolina, and frequently discusses such matters before the American Subcontractors Association of South Carolina (ASA of SC), where he is the Chapter Attorney for the Charleston Chapter.

Additionally, Mark and his team at KMB also have the experience to vigorously defend homeowners and commercial property owners from wrongful mechanic’s liens and claims by residential builders and general contractors. There are statutory and contractual defenses to mechanic’s liens, and the lawyers at KMB have the necessary legal experience to assist South Carolina property owners in resolving these types of disputes that encumber their projects and often freeze their construction financing. If you are served with a mechanics lien, it is essential that you consult a knowledgeable attorney

Construction Defects:

The attorneys at KMB assist South Carolina home owners that are experiencing water intrusion, structural issues, or other defects, even if those purchasers are not the original purchasers of the homes. Residential builders are potentially liable for defective construction in South Carolina even if there have been multiple owners of the home. In fact, may issues such as improperly installed windows, doors, and roofs may take several years for the damage to become apparent. From foundation problems to faulty wiring or water damage, an experienced construction defect lawyer can help you investigate the defects, determine the cause, and negotiate a settlement with the contractor or builder, whether it is a commercial or residential structure.

Termite Damage:

Termites can be devastating to a home or place of business and can cause great damage in a brief period of time. If the termite company does not properly evaluate the existence of termites prior to your purchase, or if it fails to properly safeguard your property during treatment, KMB can help you determine your legal rights and options. We can assist you in negotiations with the insurance company, and have the experience to litigate your claim, if necessary, to help you obtain the compensation you need to repair the damage and protect your home or business from future termite infestations.

Construction Disputes:

As a project owner, you have a right to expect that your residential or commercial project will be constructed on time and according to the applicable building codes, specifications, and standards of care. Unfortunately, disputes can arise at any stage of a construction project. The attorneys at Koontz Mlynarczyk Belger have the practical and legal experience to advocate for you whether you are experiencing delay, payment disputes, mechanic’s liens, plan compliance issues, or poor workmanship during your project.

LLR License Defense/Disputes:

We know how important your professional license is. It is not only a proof of your qualifications and skills, but also the source of your income and reputation. If you are facing any challenges to your licensure from a South Carolina professional licensing board, whether it is the Board of Contractors (Residential or Commercial), or any other licensing field, you need an attorney to represent your interests.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Law:

If you are a member of a minority class based on your race or gender, and are looking to start a business, a Disadvantage Business Entity or a Minority Owned Business may be an option that gives you a strategic advantage in obtaining certain contracts. The first steps to get certified as a DBE must be done correctly to gain this important advantage. Whether you are a start-up or an established minority owned and operated company call us to see if this is a viable option for you and your company.

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